How it works

Set up your activity tracker

To start, all you have to do is set up your activity tracker or smart watch to count your fitness stats.

Do an activity & sync your data

Exercise or walk - around your house, to your job or even to the grocery store - any activity counts!  Sync your device to your phone at your own convenience.

Exchange your fitness for rewards!

Access your Fit For Bucks dashboard and see your accumulated fitness effort and available rewards.

Get motivated & rewarded,
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Rewards you
care for

What can you get for your fitness?

Keep your eye on the prize! Here are a few examples of the products and services you can earn a reward.

$5.00Towards a lunch purchase

Fitness effort = 20,000 steps

$10.00Towards a massage

Fitness effort = 40,000 steps

Free drinkWith the purchase of a 2nd drink

Fitness effort = 16,000 steps

What users are saying

95% Would recommend this program

70% Improved motivation to exercise

89% Wore fitness trackers more frequently


Huge win-win!

"As a nutritionist, I attempt to convey the importance of lifestyle and a big piece of this is movement. Using Fit For Bucks was a great reminder for me to do just that. I walked and did a variety of movement on top of my workouts to reach the goals I set. Getting rewards to increase my health just seems like a huge win-win."

Bean W. - Los Angeles, CA

Super motivated!

"I loved Fit For Bucks it got me super motivated to get up and move! The best part was hitting my goals each day and knowing I could have fun with the rewards I earned to treat myself to things I wouldn't normally get. So as a busy mom, I found a way to take care of my health and get shopping deals at the same time."

Rina P. - Los Angeles, CA

It's a health addiction!

"Fit for bucks not only makes me work out more but it adds to the feeling of accomplishment. I'm happy that I got in a workout and even more happy that I got to earn gift cards. It's a good feeling and makes sense to use! No reason not to! More please!! I almost don't want to workout now that I'm not winning awards! it's a healthy addiction!"

Sara O. - Los Angeles, CA

For all levels
of activity

You don't need to be an athlete to be rewarded!

Fit for Bucks was built to reward all levels of experience (no matter if you are a seasoned athlete or just starting to work out) and all levels of work out intensity (from a simple walk to a vigorous run), being suitable for all ages! Here are some work out examples:




Working out

What's in it for merchants

Our platform helps local merchants build a fruitful and lasting relationship with you. Whenever you redeem your rewards, you'll be getting to know these retailers better and have opportunities to discover and enjoy their products. And they'll be getting to know you and your product preferences. It's a WIN-WIN for everyone!

About Fit for Bucks

You're already exercising, so why not earn free rewards while you do it? Fit For Bucks is a platform that tracks and automatically converts your active calories or steps into digital rewards redeemable for healthy lifestyle products. The process is simple and fun. Challenge yourself to fitness goals that build up your community and yourself!