What is Fit For Bucks?

Fit For Bucks is an app that encourages everyday activity within communities by connecting fitness-minded users with local merchants who offer rewards for being active.

And the process? It’s simple and fun! Fit For Bucks records your daily steps, tracked on popular fitness trackers, and allows users to exchange those accumulated steps for great rewards from local and online merchants and individual service providers (such as personal trainers).  

Download Fit For Bucks to take the next step toward a happier and healthier life and to connect to local residents and merchants!

What activity trackers and tracking apps connect with Fit For Bucks?

Currently, we connect to the most popular trackers:

More devices will be added in the near future.

Why doesn’t my Fit For Bucks balance match my activity tracker balance?

This difference may happen for one of the following reasons:

How do I exchange my steps for rewards?

Within the Dashboard or Rewards sections of the app, tap a reward and review its related details, including the description, address, images, conditions, and expiration date. When you find the reward you want, and have enough steps built up, exchange your steps for the reward by tapping “Claim Reward.” Finalize the exchange in the confirmation screen by tapping “Yes.” The reward will be stored in your Wallet within the app.  The expiration period is determined by merchants.

Now, you’re ready to redeem your reward at the merchant’s location!

How do I redeem my reward?

When at a merchant’s location, open the Wallet section of the app and tap the reward you want to redeem. Then, tap “Use This Reward”.

There are multiple ways to redeem a reward. The merchant determines the redemption method.

1) Promo Codes - After confirming to “Use This Reward” show the merchant your screen. Let the merchant tap “Use” to see the reward code that appears. Once the merchant confirms having seen the reward code, tap “Done” and return to your Wallet.

2) QR Codes - Some merchant will have Fit For Bucks QR Codes at the register to scan. To complete the redemption process after selecting “Use This Reward” you will be prompted by the app to scan the QR Code. If, for any reason, it does not work, ask merchant to provide a 4-digit location id and enter it in specify in-app window.

3) Individual Service Providers (e.g. trainers) - When these rewards are claimed by users, our platform will send emails to both service providers and the users with contact information (name and email address).  The service provider will contact the user, hopefully within 48 hours, to schedule the appointment. Users can also contact the service providers directly. Upon arriving at the appointment, select “Use This Reward” and follow the prompted steps (similar to the ‘Promo Code’ redemption process).

4) Online rewarws - After claiming the reward and clicking the “Shop Now” button, the promo code is copied on your phone. Then this code needs to be pasted at the check out by tapping on the associated field at the merchant’s site.

How frequently can I select the same reward?

The frequency of claiming the same reward by the same users is determined by each merchant that provides the reward.  This frequency can vary from 1/day to 1/month to First Time Clients Only. Please review rewards conditions for other requirements.

Redeeming rewards is limited to one reward per visit per day.

When do rewards expire?

While most rewards expire after 60 days, some may expire sooner.  Each merchant may assign different expiration (30 days, 60 days, 90 days, etc.). You can view the reward expiration dates in reward detailed in each of the rewards’ conditions and descriptions and in the Wallet section and of the app.

Do my steps ever expire? If so, why?

Steps do expire. Any steps that are not redeemed for rewards expire on the last day of the month following month that they are earned. For example, steps earned in March will expire at midnight on April 30.

Steps expire because Fit For Bucks encourages everyday fitness. You can’t run a marathon in January and be a couch potato until December!

Where is Fit For Bucks currently available?

Only local Fit For Bucks rewards are currently available in the Los Angeles area; mostly in West Los Angeles/Santa Monica. Online Rewards can be shipping to all U.S. states. We are expanding to more areas every week!

What is a reward code?

It’s the unique code used to redeem a reward at a merchant’s location or merchant's website. This code lives within the Fit For Bucks app and is visible only at the moment of redemption.

Who pays for the rewards?

Whether it’s a free cup of coffee or a discounted haircut, local merchants or online websites offer the rewards available to Fit For Bucks users at no charge. They’re part of the Fit For Bucks program so they can build lasting relationships with local customers.

Can I invite my friends to Fit For Bucks?

Yes! Invite them through the app by going to the Setting section and choosing Invite Friends. Remember: Fit For Bucks rewards are available only in certain areas. 

Do I get rewarded for inviting friends to Fit For Bucks?

You sure do! When you invite a friend and they claim their first reward in the Fit For Bucks app, you get a 5,000 steps bonus! 


There’s a limit of 10,000 steps per day because Fit For Bucks encourages small, incremental changes to your daily lifestyle. The American Heart Association recommends 10,000 steps per day as a healthy benchmark.

Can I connect multiple activity trackers to Fit For Bucks?

No, sorry. You can only have one tracker connected to Fit For Bucks because it wouldn’t be fair have the same steps counted multiple times.

Can I manually enter workouts and still earn steps in Fit For Bucks?

No, steps manually added are not added to your Fit For Bucks step balance.

On what platforms can I use the app?

Right now, just on iOS devices like the iPhone. We are working on an Android version for future release.